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Excelsior Services | Closing the Gap in Physican-Hospital Alignment

Our Approach

Connecting Strategy with Execution, Delivering Measurable Results

We have had many of the same discussions in the boardroom. It all begins with your strategy which defines where you will apply focus for years to come. Margin improvement is not a strategy, unless you have the tangible steps to get you there.

Our approach and experience mean that we know the most effective areas to focus, which will deliver you results. What sets us apart is our ability to assess, plan, and implement immediate changes in your organization. We take it even further with our Continuity & Sustainment step which will make sure those changes last beyond our engagement.

Our Process

Why do we succeed time and again? Simply because of our approach:

•  Evidence Based Management
•  Academic Backed Research
•  Practical Experience

Below is our five step process for delivering results time and again. Read our case study at CHKD to see how we may deliver results for you.

Physician-Hospital Alignment-CHKD

Understanding of Need

We need to identify what does good look like. Each client has different perspectives and metrics. We start by listening and understanding each client as an individual. We ask insightful questions to inform our assessment, approach, and planning process.

Executive Assessment & Validation

Our data driven approach is world class. We ask the right questions to get the right data to deliver the right solutions. Because we know best in class practices, we will take you there.


Changes usually require multiple stakeholders. We take a methodical approach to plan out the changes and make sure we are not missing key details in preparation for implementation. Our previous experience informs us where the biggest challenges are going to be experienced.


Many consultancies leave implementation to the organization. Many healthcare executives are already busy with their current role and don’t have time implementing the new changes.  Our leadership experience makes putting that plan into action simple and effective. We work as a temporary member of the executive team to coordination these changes with the right people for maximum effect.

Continuity & Sustainment

Making changes permanent is a lot harder than it seems. We aim to make the changes part of the routine and culture of the organization. Through our unique approach the changes stick and the organization benefits from a long term impact.

3:1 ROI Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to deliver results that we have a 3:1 ROI Guarantee.