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Excelsior Clients | Closing the Gap in Physician-Hospital Alignment

Our Clients

A blank check for care does not equal quality

Throwing money at a problem has never been a good solution, especially in healthcare. Resources are not unlimited and need to be applied strategically to make them go further. We are expected to do more and more with less. Quality care is still based upon predictable results for the doctor, the hospital, and the patient.  

Just ask any of our past clients, or read our case study with a midwest community hospital. We are expected to do more and more with less, however, quality care is still based upon predictable results.

Community Hospital Turnaround

Organizational readiness for value-based reimbursement

The organizations below are past clients, but are also ready for value-based reimbursement. Are you? Getting ready for value based reimbursement doesn’t happen over night, and it is also not a one time initiative. As new treatments and methods are innovated through partners they need to be brought into care facilities to realize their benefits.  It takes time and is a team effort with everyone involved. 

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