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About Excelsior | Closing the Gap in Physican-Hospital Alignment

About Excelsior

Our team has a combined industry experience of 60+ years. We have worked with many clients ranging from The University of Vermont Health Network to St. Mary’s General Hospital out of New Jersey in driving alignment and increasing profitability. Our approach leverages our practical experience with academic backed research to implement changes that will have a lasting impact.


The world is shifting from fee-for-service volume-based reimbursement to value-based pay-for-performance. We agree, we all want results for what we spend. Our current and former clients consistently tell us the rate limiting factor on their operating margins is a lack of physician engagement. We see this through low buy-in on quality improvement and cost-cutting measures. Some focus on theoretical top-down driven models of governance involving only a few physician stakeholders.

Our approach engages all physicians (employed, contracted, and independent) within a care discipline for the delivery of those services. Our systematic and data-driven approach and ensures improvements in quality, access, and the patient experience. We take additional measures to ensure the changes stay long after we have completed our engagement.

The result is:

  • Improved trust and collaboration with the medical staff
  • Stronger accountability through structure and data transparency
  • Increased speed of action and measurable results

Connecting Strategy with Execution, Delivering Measurable Results

Because of our experience with running and improving hospitals, we quickly find those areas of weakness and are able to introduce best practices rapidly delivering results. In fact we are so confident that we have a 3:1 ROI guarantee.

Balancing Evidence Based Management, through Academic Backed Research, with Practical Experience

Our approach starts with the facts. Our data driven and evidence based management practices don’t get bogged down in subjective measures. The score is clear and results are delivered. Because of our connection to academic research, we are constantly seeing new ideas and research driving even more value to our clients.

Contact us today and discover the Excelsior difference